From our members...

We are your partner in your fitness goals. But don't take our word for it, read about our member's experiences with NTX Family Fitness:

Allen Wiskera

"I only just started working out with Toby a few weeks ago, but even in this short time I can see and feel a change in my body.  Prior to starting, I spent a lot of time in the gym doing various machines and weights. Each session took up a large chunk of my day but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  I was curious to try a boot camp workout for some time, but needed something convenient and affordable.  After trying the first session with Toby, I was sold.  In one short workout, I was panting and sweating harder than I ever had in the gym, and I felt amazing.  For me, the beauty of these workouts is that they are short but intense.  Toby provides motivation while keeping a close eye on form so I can safely push my limits with each workout.  These are workouts that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level.  The moves are easy to learn and incredibly effective—the challenge is the intensity.  With each session I push myself harder, and I can feel myself getting stronger and the changes are already visible.  I am incredibly excited and optimistic about these boot camps, and I am well on my way to achieving and exceeding my goals."

Lisa Chalmers

"I haven't worked out in years. When I thought about doing cross fit I thought there was no way I could ever do that. But with Toby's guidance and support. I have become hooked. I have been working out for three months now, I feel stronger, confident, and i am achieving my goals. Toby and NTX have held my hand every step of this journey. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. There is no way they will let me fail. They have all started at ground zero. They all know how challenging it can be and I know I have an amazing support system in place. 

The most wonderful thing of all is I'm not competing with anyone but myself. I'm still not the fastest and I'm usually the last one to finish my set, but to hear my 12-year-old son or my daughters call out, 'You got this Mom!' I feel I can
accomplish anything."

Carson Chalmers

"I've only been doing Crossfit for a short time (about 3 months) but i am already in love. It's community based, highly motivating and great for all skill levels. But I can honestly say I would not love it as much had it not been for Toby as my trainer. He is dedicated to your goals and is motivating beyond belief. Even after going back to school I have continued my workouts and stayed true to eating clean because I'm proud of where I've gotten am looking forward to even more progress. On the days where the internal motivation is lacking Toby is there to help push you through (even when your 4 hours away). As Toby encouraged the entire family to get involved, my family has now become a Crossfit family. Where workouts rather than meals out are our bonding time. It has made such an amazing impact to our family's relationship and our fitness goals. NTX Family Fitness and Toby have been such a blessing to me and my family! We're addicted and simply can't get enough!"