What's a daily workout session like?​


No workout session is repeated during eight weeks of training. We keep your interest and your curiosity levels high in anticipation of the workouts. We begin with a group stretch and then move into a warm-up. Warm-ups usually will involve calesthenics, cardio and some balance drills to get your body ready for the training session. The we move onto the workout followed up by a cool down. Form and technique are crucial to getting results and risking injury. Throughout the workout you will be guided to correct form and recieve personal training.


What if I can't perform a certain exercise?

All workouts can be scaled to an individuals fitness abilities. Each modification will help build strength to be able to perform the exercise without modification. The workout is not complete until the last person finishes. Those that get done first will stay and motivate you until you have completed the workout. We workout as a TEAM!



Will you yell at us? 

No! NTX Family Fitness is an ecouraging and positive environment. You will be pushed and you will work hard but you will never feel ashamed. We are a community and we will encourage each other. For positive reinforcement, come and enjoy the camaraderie of a supportive and competitive group workout at NTX Family Fitness.



Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you may bring a friend to any (1) session to give it a try for free. Your friend will need to sign a waiver upon arriving to boot camp. Be sure to come prepared with the necessary items. All attendees under the age of 18, must have a signed waiver from a legal guardian/parent. 



What do I need to do to bring?

You'll need a water bottle,  a mat(optional), running shoes, loose, comfortable clothing.



After I am registered for a session, can I change times/location?

Yes, you can attend any boot camp location or time for no additional charge once you have registered. Be sure to change your session times thru the website.



What about the weather?

During inclement weather - too hot, too cold, raining, etc. - we will conduct activities indoors at our training locations unless otherwise notified.



Who can/should attend?

NTX Family Fitness is designed for all fitness levels. You don't have to be fit to start. Sessions are high-intensity and attendees should come prepared by being fully hydrated and having eaten 2 hours prior.



I can't make it to a scheduled session?

Let US come to YOU! Our private sessions allow YOU to control the program - when, where, and how many participants! Get your group of friends, family, or coworkers together and let us know what time of the day and days of the week that you will work best for YOUR schedule, and we'll pack up our boot camp equipment and come to you!

Don't have a gym? No problem. Front yards, Back yards, local parks, neighborhood community areas - any open space will do!




Session Q & A


Group Sessions Schedule


Group sessions are open to all NTX Family Fitness active members by reserving via phone or through the website. 


Group sessions are as follows:


Monday thru Thursday                        9:00am & 7:00pm








10:00am & 7:00pm


Private sessions can be scheduled per request (individual or group).