Like many people, I have struggled with diets and exercising most of my life. I remember going on my first diet at age 9 and that began the "diet"  cycle that i struggled with for most of my life. I tried fad diets, fat burners, counting calories; the results that I did see were only temporary.  Three years ago I made the decision  to stop dieting and focus on eating healthier and nutritious, while  living an active lifestyle. Having a  family of my own has inspired me to stop the cycle i went through as a child but to also inspire others to live healthier as well.


I founded NTX Family Fitness so that I can help parents  establish an active lifestye for themselves and their children. Most parents  put their children's needs before thier own;  choosing the gym over valuable family time is a struggle most families face. My boot camps are designed to get the whole family involved in an active lifestyle. Every workout can be scaled to each individuals fitness level. Training together as a family unit will build a stronger bond between the family as well as giving all members the tools to live healthy—for a lifetime. 

Toby Aguilar